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Topics in PDEs - Summer 2013

Coordinates: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM in MC 108.

Instructor: Rasul Shafikov, MC 112, . Office Hours: one hour after each class.

OWL page: Login to view your marks

June 12: Some topics for presentation are listed on the presentation page
June 11: HW 4 posted. This is the last assignment for the course.
June 2: There will be no class on June 6. Instead we'll discuss HW 1 and HW 2 on June 5 from 9:30 AM in MC 108.
May 22: A new portion of the lecture notes is available in library. Assignment 3 posted (due June 4).
May 20: Assignment 2 posted.
May 15: There will be no class on Thursday, May 23, instead we will have the class on Wed May 22, same time and location.
May 13: The first section of the lecture notes are on the 2 hour reserve in the Taylor library.
May 10: Assignment 1 posted.

Textbook: "An introduction to Partial Differential Equations" by M. Renardy and R. Rogers, on 2 hour reserve in the library.

Course Description: Partial differential equations are fundamental to the modeling of natural phenomena. The subject is to vast too try to cover it in one course. So the modest goal of this course is to introduce distributions and explain how they serve as solutions of basic PDE.

Prerequisites: real analysis, basic complex analysis, some basic knowledge of functional analysis and Lebesgue integrarion.

Assignments: Homework will be assigned on a regular basis and will include routine exercises as well as some challenging problems.

Assignments: There will be short in-class presentations at the end of the course.


  1. Homework = 50%,
  2. Presentation = 50%

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